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The Day Ahead: Thursday, May 27, 2010

By on 5.27.10 | 8:41AM

Today on the Main Site:

Dunkirk Conservatism by Quin Hillyer: On the 70th anniversary of the greatest evacuation of World War II, American conservatives should understand they've won nothing yet.

A Bad Case of the Bitters by Andrew Cline: Obama reveals his heart in San Francisco.

Slick Happens by Ken Blackwell: Liberals want to replace BP with their own voices of reason.

Revolts of the Masses by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: America is at a historic turning point.

Emergent Church No Longer Emerging? by Mark Tooley: Postmodern Baby Boomer religiosity tends to run out of steam.

Lost in the Gulf: Perspective by Ron Ross: This is only the second significant spill in more than 70 years of drilling there

The Deal with China by Dan Blumenthal: China's deal-making efforts with the world's tyrants has thwarted Western efforts on development, human rights, and proliferation. 

What to Watch for:

Obama to hold press conference on BP before heading back to Gulf (MSNBC News)

Senate Armed Services Committee to vote on repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell; Nelson (D-Neb) provides key vote (ABC News)    

Treasury Secretary Geithner to meet President of ECB and German finance minister over EU bailout (Business Week)

BP has begun 'top kill' procedure, expects to know results within a day or two (CNN News)

White House set to release national defense strategy (Washington Post)  

Clip of the Day: 

James Carville's message to Obama on GMA: We're dyin' down here!  

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