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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

By on 5.26.10 | 9:50AM

Today on the Main Site:

What Barack Obama Is Thinking by Peter Ferrara: Students of history will recognize the method to this President's madness.

Feelin' Like a Million Dollars by Jay D. Homnick: Trying out for Who Wants to be a Millionare? 

A Tale of Three States by Lisa Fabrizio: Even the big government Northeast is sick of big government.

The GOP's Not-So-Friendly Fire by David N. Bass: How to lose in a winnable district.

The Two-Headed Wooly Mammoth by Peter Hannaford: Fannie and Freddie should have been treated by Dr. Kevorkian years ago.

The Obama Administration Chews the Fat by Matt Purple: The government's anti-obesity plans contain several times your daily value of nanny statism.

Race to the Top -- Of What? by RiShawn Biddle: The administration is taking on the teachers' unions -- sort of.

What to Watch For:

BP set to make decision on "top kill" procedure later today (CNN News)

Rahm Emanuel to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (Chicago Sun-Times) 

Obama to address economy, jobs at solar power manufacturer in Fremont, California (USA Today)

AG Holder to meet with Arizona law officials, express concern over immigration law (USA Today)   

Standoff with drug lord in Jamaica continues, fatalities surpass 60 (NY Daily News) 

U.S. to announce final 23 man roster for World Cup today at 1 P.M. live on ESPN (US Soccer) 

Clip of the Day:

BP will provide continual live video feed of oil leak during 'top kill' procedure. Watch it here. Note: requires Windows Media Player.  

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