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How Bad Is the Economy? Ask a Young Adult

By on 5.25.10 | 9:57AM

There is plenty of unusual and anecdotal evidencethat the economy is in bad shape. Some harder evidence was revealed yesterday during National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation." Host Neal Conan questioned his guest, Mr. Koc, Director of Strategic and Foundation Research, National Association of Colleges and Employers, about the overall condition of hiring for the 2010 graduates. Mr. Koc stated that new college graduates are at a 7.5% unemployment rate, one of the highest rates ever recorded, he said. This dreary news was offered to encourage students to continue to get a college education because unemployment for new High School graduates in the same age group, 20-24 years old, is 21%.

During the last election, Presidential Candidate Senator McCain ran a poor campaign with young people. He virtually ceded their votes to then Senator Obama. (See Jason Mattera's recent book for the full description of what a non-completive campaign Senator McCain ran when compared to Senator Obama.) Young voters should be flocking to the Republican ranks in the next election. However, Democrats have one huge advantage, as pointed out in R. Emmett Tyrrell's book After the Hangover, and that is that Republicans lack the political libido to take the fight to the Democrats. If the economy is to get better for young Americans, it will have to come from the efforts of Republican businessmen. Many Republican journalists and politicos will likely avoid exposing and pouring on the scorn for President's dismal handling of the economy. Timid warriors don't inspire; they especially do not inspire the young.

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