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So How Fast are You in the 440?

By on 12.20.05 | 1:39PM

A decent question to which Mr. William Beltran and Ms. Shairalee Delgado may have a lot of time to work out a better answer whilst serving a coupla years for shoplifting. Seems those two nitwits were boosting about a grand worth of clothes from a Ft. Myers, Florida store. According to a rather hilarious NBC news report When they escaped the store security folks, a couple of nice young men, just graduated from boot camp, took up the pursuit. The Marines chased them for almost a mile, and captured the two before turning them over to the cops. Against the Marines did the shoplifters have any chance? Successful pursuers, Pvts. Shane Ailant and Ryan Pitts of the U.S. Marine Corps, didn't think so. "No sir, not at all." Well done, guys. (Hat tip to #1 son, who knows I love such stuff.)

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