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Big Warming Having Their Tantrum

By on 5.20.10 | 11:10AM

This is rich. E&E Daily reports that:

"A House panel [Thursday] will examine the persistent harassment and legal challenges climate scientists have faced in the wake of a leaked collection of letters late last year from the University of East Anglia.

Skeptics of the science underlying human-induced global warming have used selective quotations from those letters, stolen from the school's Climatic Research Unit, in an attempt to undermine the robust consensus supporting climate change. Most recently, the limited-government group Freedom Action announced it would air ads questioning U.S. EPA's upcoming greenhouse gas regulations by citing the letters."

Poor dears. People are exposing what they've done and looking to see if all that smoke means there's a fire, too. That's mean.

I have an idea. Look in the freaking mirror.

Yesterday I returned home from the Heartland Institute's 4th International Climate Conference, at the closing lunch for which I extended my hand to a scientist who is a hero for his courage, having been subjected to the most vile treatment for speaking out against the globaloney.

The green thuggery began with petty harassment and intimidation at his home and extended to attempts on his life. He informed me on Tuesday that it seems they have tried once again to engineer the wheels falling off of his car while he is driving, for a third time, since I wrote about it in "Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud and Deception to Keep You Misinformed."

Yeah. Read that title. It's a thick book. It could have been much thicker. And it is heavily sourced. There's an entire industry of harassment and professional and physical threats underway against scientists who dare challenge what's obviously a political and financial bandwagon. And RHL is replete with names that named pulling stunts I also detailed were affirmed, not "revealed", by ClimateGate.

Now the greens are whining that some of their tamer nastiness, in writing, was, it seems -- desperate and unsupported spin about "hacking" notwithstanding -- leaked by an insider sick of the lies used to subvert transparency laws, and otherwise cover for their "tricks" with the data.

I would say to this crowd "grow up", but with their track record, that makes even the grandest wishful thinking appear grounded in reality. Their tactics reveal a movement thoroughly aware that they cannot make their case, and the depths to which they stoop in the face of this fact. To whine about a request for accountability by the people whose money you live off without ever directly asking them for it or directly receiving their acquiescence, but instead have enormous sums of their taxes laundered through the state, while your supporters regularly engage in reprehensible behavior, is a disgusting spectacle.

But I want them to know that we are not going to cease our efforts seeking accountability. In fact, as you dear readers will see beginning very soon, that is far from the case.

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