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Democrat Ad Pulled From TV in Pennsylvania Race

By on 5.14.10 | 2:17PM

WASHINGTON, Pa. -- Pittsburgh TV station WPGH has suspended the latest ad for Democrat Mark Critz for making false claims. The ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee falsely claimed that Republican Tim Burns supports a 23 percent national sales tax and wants to ship jobs overseas.

The May 18 special election to fill the seat vacated by the death of Rep. Jack Murtha is one of the most closely watched campaigns in the country.

"Mark Critz and his Pelosi-backed attack machine have been lying about Tim Burns' positions throughout this campaign," said Kent Gates, a spokesman for Burns.

The news of the Pittsburgh station's suspension of the ad broke the same day as Scott Brown's appearance here at a midday rally for Burns, which drew hundreds of supporters and regional media to the courthouse downtown.

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