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FBI Terror Raids: Suspects ‘Paid The Rent On Time’

By on 5.13.10 | 5:28PM

The FBI conducted raids today in what officials say was an investigation related to the May 1 Times Square car-bomb attempt in New York City. A blogger friend of mine, Da Tech Guy, traveled to Watertown, Mass., this morning and phoned in reports from the scene of one of those raids:

The boarding house where the suspects were arrested is "next door to public housing" in an "ethnically mixed neighborhood." Residents describe it as "a very quiet neighborhood" where "nothing ever happens - until today." . . .
[T]he 2-story boarding house at 39 Waverly Ave. is located two doors down and across the street from Watertown Middle School (68 Waverly Ave.). Residents in the neighborhood . . . were awakened this morning by the sound of helicopters overhead. FBI agents have been seen taking papers and computers out of 39 Waverly, and have reportedly set up a temporary headquarters in the basement cafeteria of the Watertown Housing Authority (55 Waverly Ave.).
The boarding house at 39 Waverly is owned by absentee landlords and most people in the neighborhood don’t know their neighbors. That might make it “a perfect place” for would-be terrorists to keep a low profile, as one resident told Da Tech Guy . . .

In a subsequent interview with my friend, another local resident -- who has relatives in law enforment -- said she had spotted undercover agents staking out the Waverly Avenue neighborhood in recent days, so this was not a spur-of-the-moment raid. 

One of the suspects was a Pakistani immigrant named Mohammad Bakht Zameen, according to New England Cable News. The Washington Post identified another as Pir Khan, reportedly the owner of a cab company. And the Boston Globe interviewed the landlord of the Waverly Avenue boarding house:

Baij Joshi, who manages the Watertown property for his father, Shubh, said the tenants on the first floor were several Pakistani men, who had lived there "more than two to three years." He said some had spoken recently of taking trips to Pakistan.
"They seemed to be very good people. They paid the rent on time," he said.

So whether or not they're terrorists, these guys obviously aren't bloggers.

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