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Brad Ellsworth: Cutting Costs, Preventing Abortion Subsidies, Voting for Obamacare

By on 5.12.10 | 5:42PM

There are some real health care reform howlers on Brad Ellsworth's congressional website, but somehow this press release is only available through the way back machine: "In addition to meeting my pro-life principles, the plan reduces costs, improves access to affordable insurance options, covers pre-existing conditions, and does not add one penny to the deficit - my five principles for health care reform."

The Indiana Democrat announced his support for the bill post-Stupak but pre-executive order. And earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office announced that the bill will cost $115 billion more than the original projections, bringing the total cost above $1 trillion for the first decade. Ellsworth is expected to be officially named the Democratic nominee for Sen. Evan Bayh's seat this week.

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