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The Audacity of ¡Basta!

By on 5.12.10 | 12:34PM

So, we read in the news how President Obama is badgering Spain to reduce the spending that's bankrupting it, so as to avert becoming the Next Greece.

On eight occasions Obama told us to "think about what's happening in countries like Spain" if we want to know what he has in mind for his own "green economy" statist experiment.

Spain's socialists admitted a week ago that that spending is coming from their statist experiment in creating a "green economy", and that they must cut it out, in order to avoid becoming the Next Greece.

Today, the same train wreck is being reintroduced in the Senate, to fulfill Obama's continuing vow to replicate here that which has crashed and burned and he is condemning, over there.

Welcome to Obamaland. The particulars of which are explained in a fashion grandly more illuminating than this Obama-Zapatero dance, here.

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