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One Reason People Are Starting to “Get It”

By on 5.10.10 | 6:33PM

So, a congressman says that climate science should be simplified to "Sixth Grade Level" because Americans "don't get" it.

Possibly he is referring to that nice, insightful congressman from Georgia worried about islands tipping over during a global warming rant? Or the esteemed senator from Connecticut who said at a committee hearing in 2003 that 2002 turned out to be less warm than predicted because the economy slowed down? Or the senator from Rhode Island who said he knows it's warming because his wife swims in the ocean and she's sure she feels it? Or the guy in the same seat before him who said we know carbon dioxide is a problem because people asphyxiate in their garages every year?

That kind of not getting it? Good grief, is it November yet?

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