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MA Republican Assembly to Republican Governors Association: Get Out

By on 5.7.10 | 5:18PM

Today the Massachusetts Republican Assembly blasted GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker as a "pro-choice, gun grabbing, pro gay liberal" in a statement condemning the Republican Governors Association ads on behalf of Baker in the commonwealth.

"It is absolutely outrageous that the RGA would use conservative dollars to back someone like Baker," the statement reads. "Barbour should take his money back to Mississippi because he doesn't know a thing about Massachusetts. If he did, he wouldn't be spending conservative donors' money on liberals like Charlie Baker."

Al Gillis of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly told TAS that Baker and his running mate Richard Tisei are "more brazen in their contempt for social conservatives" than Bill Weld or Paul Cellucci, neither of whom were especially conservative on social issues themselves. He says that Baker is running the exact opposite style of campaign than the one that worked for Scott Brown. Gillis predicts that many "rank-and-file Republicans" will either stay home on election day or vote for Tim Cahill, the Democratic state treasurer turned independent candidate for governor.

Cahill was the target of the $1 million ad campaign, even though the incumbent governor is an unpopular liberal Democrat. This is the first time a Republican group has waded into the escalating war of words between conservative-leaning Cahill supporters and Haley Barbour's RGA.

UPDATE: I've been in email and telephone contact with current MRA officers who say the Gillis press release was unauthorized. I'll have more to say in a separate post.

UPDATE II: Here's that separate post.

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