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The Color of Money: “Green”

By on 4.26.10 | 9:31AM

We've got the makings of the first tangible Obama administration ethics problem over at Pajamas Media.

Ms. Zoi makes more than an appearance in Power Grab, incidentally, and today's story fits well in the narrative about her and her modus operandi there and as exposed while my book was going to print, here ("SWAT teams" to swarm the block imposing weatherization demands-- and, no doubt, making it a two-fer with smart meters?).

Except the appearances here are worse, even awful. Subsequent inquiry -- oh, and if y'all could finally try some of that vaunted yet remarkably elusive "transparency" thing, and provide some straight, documented answers -- needs to put to rest the questions this raises.

As you'll read on that linked Stossel-related site, as in Power Grab with much more Gore-y (and Browner-y, Jones-y, Holdren-y) detail, Zoi's allies mean these things. And among them are the can't-keep-your-thermostat-at-72 president.

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