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Now That My Name Has Been Inserted into a Cutesy Online Video With Keith Olbermann…

By on 4.22.10 | 11:10AM

...I totally want to fight anthropomorphic global warming!

And by fight, of course, I mean sit in my ergonomically constructed office chair and sign an online petition. It's the dedication and commitment of environmental activists that really tugs at the heartstrings, innit it?

Keystone Progress sent me the link with a note explaining the short video was "about the heroes and villains of the fight for a national clean energy and climate bill, as well as you and me specifically. You can trade places in the video and give your friends a good laugh, too." (Um...ha ha?) I pass it onto TAS readers who may have long dreamt of being amongst the Worst Persons in the World according to the fanatic edenic class but never got the chance. Get into it.

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