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Ron Paul Endorses John Hostettler in IN Senate Race

By on 4.16.10 | 3:46PM

As expected, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) endorsed former Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) for the Republican nomination to succeed retiring Sen. Evan Bayh. The winner of the GOP primary will face Democratic Rep. Brad Ellsworth in the general election.

"I am proud to endorse Republican John Hostettler for United States Senate," Paul said in a statement. "John was a good friend and valuable ally against big government when we served together in the House of Representatives. I always knew I could count on John to vote his principles."

The only foreign policy reference in the endorsement is here: "John also understands that we need to fight for a stronger national defense, where we support our troops and defend our country without policing the world or subsidizing the security of other wealthy nations." Hostettler and Paul were two of the six House Republicans who voted against invading Iraq.

UPDATE: Hostettler's volunteers are planning a money bomb for April 22. We'll see if the Paul endorsement works the same magic it did for his son Rand and Peter Schiff.

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