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Testing Brad Ellsworth

By on 4.2.10 | 12:50PM

My April column on Brad Ellsworth, now up on the main site, was written before Ellsworth cast a crucial vote for the Democrats' health care bill -- even before the symbolic executive order concession to the Stupak Democrats. So now Ellsworth has voted for the stimulus, for the public option, and for a health care bill that does not adequately restrict public funding of abortion, undermining his claims to be a pro-life Blue Dog. He'll also have Taxpayer Protection Pledge violations.

So Ellsworth is going to have to run as a Democrat who cast at least one vote against cap and trade, might get to vote against amnesty, and was for the Stupak Amendment before he was against it. That's probabaly going to be a tall order whether the Republican nominee is Dan Coats, John Hostettler, or Marlin Stutzman.

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