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Liberal Libido

By on 4.2.10 | 10:56AM

From the American Enterprise Blog I see that my friend Chris DeMuth is thinking about the Liberal Mind. As I am about to release my new book, After The Hangover: The Conservatives'  Road to Recovery, I am driven to reply to Chris. Coming out April 20, the book discusses much more than conservatives'  excesses. I engage Chris's  claim that "Progressives"  are driven to their political orgies because they "believe that the natural course of history is the emergence of secular rationality as the true way to think about problems.…"  This is true as far as it goes.

But, Chris, there is a deeper impulse driving the so-called Progressives. In Hangover I lay down the notion that they are goaded by a "political libido,"  and it is the political libido of the nymphomaniac. In the case of healthcare reform it is the political libido of a sex offender. It transforms them from Chris's "secular rationality"  to a kind of orgiastic madness.

At AmSpec the spectacle of this madness provokes horselaughs among readers and writers alike -- until April 15 and tax time. We Americans pay a lot in terms of taxes and loss of freedom because of the Liberals' political incontinence, but at least they provide us with passing amusement and the sooner they pass the better.


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