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ACORN Dropping Foreclosure Counseling, EITC Agitation

By on 3.31.10 | 2:41PM

Unlike leftist shills John Atlas, Peter Dreier, and the pathologically truth-averse Brad Friedman (BradBlog), City Hall continues to provide cutting-edge coverage of the transformation of ACORN, the left's favorite organized crime syndicate.

City Hall, which covers New York City politics, reports that as ACORN allegedly "dissolves" its national structure the group's "affiliates will no longer provide foreclosure counseling or help low-income workers apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit, two programs that were funded in part by taxpayer dollars."

From the newspaper report:

"We're not going to be a service group," said Jon Kest, the former head of the New York chapter of ACORN and now the leader of New York Communities for Change, a local successor organization run by many of the same people. "The key piece for us is going to be community organizing."

Refusing government funding and shedding their social-services components will also allow New York Communities for Change and other ACORN successors to more easily engage in electoral politics without opening themselves up to charges of using taxpayer dollars for partisan purposes.

Nationally, the group ran a political consulting arm called Citizens Services Inc. A local incarnation called New York Citizens Services was contracted by several Council candidates and the campaign of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio in last year's elections. Going forward, though, New York Communities for Change will operate as a nonprofit organizing group focused on public policy. [...]

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