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Left Playing the Hate Game

By on 3.29.10 | 12:57PM

I see that Frank Rich, Derrick Jackson, and Charles Blow all wrote basically the same column as Colbert King. I posted on King this weekend. A friend writes, "At this rate, the NYT/Boston Globe will be able to lay three of them off and pay the Post a syndicate fee for King."

In reality, this kind of commentary is nothing new. We see it every time conservatives have any political momentum whatsoever. The idea is that by shouting "racist," these liberal columnists can make their opponents shut up. But this is a very angry and polarized political climate. By racializing issues that are not inherently racial in nature, they are fanning the flames of the very hatred they claim to oppose. It is a dangerous and ugly game. It is one that, for the good of the country, shouldn't be played.

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