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Michigan Pro-Life Group Rescinds Stupak Endorsement, Supports GOP Challenger

By on 3.26.10 | 5:33PM

Michigan Right to Life has always endorsed Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) and was backing him for re-election this year. But after his pivotal vote for health care reform without the inclusion of legally binding language banning taxpayer funding of abortion, the group has rescinded its endorsement and pledged to support his Republican challenger, Dan Benishek.

Stupak, until Sunday one of Congress' most reliable pro-life legislators, was notified of this decision on Wednesday. The Right to Life of Michigan PAC's board of directors voted unanimously to switch sides in the race after Stupak's decisive shift. In my column on pro-life Democrats earlier this week, I concluded, "Now the Stupak Democrats will have to go home to their pro-life constituents and try to persuade them they are not pro-choice, but just cheap dates. Perhaps those pro-life constituents might not be so easily wooed." That's what Stupak is finding out right now.

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