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Out of Control

By on 3.24.10 | 10:15AM

From (Democrat) Representative Dingell's lips to your ears: (here).

Yes. Sadly, it does "take a long time to do the necessary administrative steps ... that have to be taken... to control the people."

 "I am convinced our nation is a healthier one today," Representative Dingell said at the signing of this bill into law. I disagree with him. I'm convinced it's not healthier today.

Many have long said that this health care plan was never about health care at all. Mr. Dingell has confirmed that.

Control the people.

That is not why the huddled masses yearning to breathe free left the oppression of Europe -- to be controlled. Control is not an American principle. It is, in fact, anathema to American principles-- and so is anyone who believes it.

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