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Iraqi Voting

By on 12.15.05 | 12:04PM

From the earliest reports, voting in Iraq is going very well, and turnout is heavy. This clip is from a release by the MNF in Baghdad:

"With tight rings of security circling the city, Iraqi citizens took to the streets the morning of Dec. 15 to vote for the first full-term government since the fall of Saddam Hussein. Iraqi Police are providing close-in protection at polling stations; Iraqi public Order Battalions and Iraqi Army Soldiers are providing the next level of protection; and more Iraqi Soldiers and Coalition Forces are in a third ring of troops. They will also provide a quick-reaction force if needed.

"Shortly after polling sites opened in Baghdad, a rocket landed in the International Zone, damaging a vehicle and injuring one Marine and two civilian contractors. The wounded were treated at the site for minor injuries and released.

Polling stations throughout south Baghdad reported a constant flow of voters.

"Early reports indicated voter turnout is higher than the numbers seen on for the Constitutional Referendum vote on Oct. 15."

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