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The Last Liberal No Vote?

By on 3.20.10 | 4:17PM

I predicted earlier this week that no generally liberal Democrat would vote against the health care bill on anything other than pro-life grounds. Ironically, about the only Democrat left saying he'll vote no because the bill isn't liberal enough is Congressman Steve Lynch (D-MA). (He may yet flip; they may not need his vote.) Lynch voted for the House bill but says he will vote against the Senate version because it does not do enough to force health insurance companies to control costs (being a Bay Stater, maybe he's seen the Romneycare results).

I say "ironically" because Lynch is pro-life, but he is citing economically liberal grounds rather than the Stupak Amendment as the reason for his vote. Either way, this makes him vulnerable to a future primary challenge. Both abortion and health care reform kept Lynch from being a viable Democratic candidate for the Senate seat now held by Republican Scott Brown.

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