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Fr. Ted Hesburgh on D.C. Scholarship Program

By on 3.19.10 | 10:44AM

Today former Notre Dame president and civil rights pioneer Rev. Theodore Hesburgh has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the Democrats' efforts to end the D.C. Opportunity Scholarships Program. 

If Martin Luther King Jr. told me once, he told me a hundred times that the key to solving our country's race problem is plain as day: Find decent schools for our kids.

...I have devoted my life to equal opportunity for all Americans, regardless of skin color. I don't pretend that this one program is the answer to all the injustices in our education system. But it is hard to see why a program that has proved successful shouldn't have the support of our lawmakers. The end of Opportunity Scholarships represents more than the demise of a relatively small federal program. It will help write the end of more than a half-century of quality education at Catholic schools serving some of the most at-risk African-American children in the District.

I cannot believe that a Democratic administration will let this injustice stand.

I can believe it, unfortunately. 

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