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Holder on His Way Out at DOJ?

By on 3.17.10 | 2:08PM

One of Washington's more plugged and astute sources has pointed out an interesting detail over at the Holder Justice Department. 

There is no Deputy Attorney General.

David Ogden, a prominent Washington lawyer, filled the job for less than a year. He left on February 5, having announced his departure on December 3. That gave the White House and Holder two full months to start moving on a successor and to begin the inevitable clearance/confirmation process. Yet six weeks since Ogden's departure that still seems not to be happening.

The source raises the obvious question: Why?

Is it because bit by bit, from the detainee issue to the idea of trying KSM in New York to the very latest routine of eye-closing at the Sestak allegation of a White House jobs-for-favors scandal -- Mr. Holder is making himself so radioactive at Justice that he himself is edging closer to being removed? Because he's an unsustainable political burden for the president? In a year when one more political woe on top of health care and the economy is the last thing Obamaites and Democrats on the Hill want to carry around with them, this is not something they need.

So the Deputy AG spot remains empty. Because, goes the theory, the search is already on for a possible Holder replacement. Who in turn will want a say in his or her deputy.

As the saying once went: Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry Interesting.

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