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Tunnel Vision!

By on 3.16.10 | 9:21AM

I just assumed Hamid Karzai was a solid don't-really-care vote on the American health-care reform bill, but according to this FoxNews report on how upset Karzai is about the Taliban's No. 2 recent arrest in Pakistan (Um, wait...what?) even foreign leaders are being leaned on to support the tactics and substance of the President's healthcare push:

Talking with the Taliban is gaining traction in Afghanistan as thousands of U.S. and NATO reinforcements are streaming in to reverse the insurgents' momentum. Reconciliation was one topic Karzai and President Barack Obama discussed during a more than one-hour video conference Monday night, Karzai's office said.

Oh, sorry, this is that other kind of reconciliation, the olive-branch-to-theocratic-terrorists kind. Too bad the American people and/or Republicans can't get that same deal from the White House or Pelosi on a deeply unpopular healthcare bill. No, for them the time for talk is over! Get on the bus, people, we're taking you to get the registration line at the newly expanded Division of Hope & Motor Vehicles--convenient, right? 

Maybe someone should teach Paul Ryan how to do a good Ahmadinejad impression, maybe get him to agree to a serious engagement process without preconditions before he figures out who he's speaking with.

Hey, if living in a world with the Slaughter rule teaches us anything, it's anything goes.

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