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Obama: The American People Don’t Want Us to Consider Polls of the American People

By on 3.15.10 | 1:46PM

President Obama made another stop on his health care road show in Strongsville, Ohio this afternoon, making the rather odd case that the American people don't want their representatives to look at polls measuring what people want.

Wrapping up his speech, Obama said:

“The American people want to know if it’s still possible for Washington to look out for their interests. For their future. So what they’re looking for is some courage. They’re waiting for us to act. They’re waiting for us to lead. They don’t want us putting our finger out to the wind. They don’t want us reading polls. They want us to look and see what is the best thing for America and then, do what’s right.”

This brings to mind two questions. If Obama refuses to look at public opinion polls, then how can he profess to know what the American people want? And if he doesn't care about polls, then how come the White House is circulating polls on Capitol Hill asserting that support for health care legislation is rising?

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