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Some Grudges Are Strictly Personal

By on 3.14.10 | 2:05PM

An item in the Palm Beach Post on the launch of the "coffee party" (a weak imitation of the Tea Party movement) inspired me to rant passionately about the Cox newspaper chain, which owns the Post as well as my hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. That prompted this comment on Twitter:

Scarlett156 @rsmccain Why don't you REALLY TELL US how you feel about the Palm Beach Post, Mr McCain!?? XD!!! #lol

To which I replied:

@Scarlett156 I've never forgiven the Cox Newspapers for replacing Lewis Grizzard with the unspeakably wretched Rheta Grimsley Johnson.

That catastrophe occurred in 1994, a date which historians will surely mark as beginning the final death-spiral of the American newspaper industry. And I shall never forget it nor can I ever forgive it.

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