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Why Did KSFO Fire Lee Rodgers?

By on 3.2.10 | 6:08AM

Management of San Francisco talk-radio powerhouse KSFO-AM says the firing of longtime morning show host Lee Rodgers was the result of a failed contract negotiation, but Jane Jamison suggests other motives:

What is most worrisome for the conservative movement is the unspoken reason behind the KSFO firings: It appears that the station ownership, Citadel Broadcasting, led by CEO Farid Suleiman, may be "bowing" to complaints from liberal activists and Muslim sympathizers.  Rodgers would rant about "Mooslims" and radical Islam on his show, and he frequently mentioned that the Council on American Islamic Relations was complaining about his views.

Other talk-radio hosts have complained about pressure from CAIR. Michael Graham blamed CAIR for his 2005 firing from Washington's WMAL. The Tanzanian-born Suleiman's role at Citadel Broadcasting has been controversial. KSFO's firing of popular host Melanie Morgan two years ago was widely criticized by conservatives.

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