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Frank Rich: The Theater Critic as (False) Prophet

By on 3.1.10 | 7:26AM

My own column today isn't the only pushback against Frank Rich's Sunday smear of the Tea Party movement. Ron Radosh, Ed Driscoll and John Hinderaker also take Rich to task.

One particularly brutal rejoinder comes from Noel Sheppard of the Media Research Center's Newsbusters blog. Sheppard notes that one year ago, Rich wrote a column about "pseudopopulism," in which the New York Times columnist declared that the response to Rick Santelli's CNBC "tea party" rant had "fizzled." Sheppard writes:

So, on March 1, 2009, Rich declared the Tea Party movement dead.
Should anyone care what he has to say about it or any of its members now? 

In the span of a single year, then, Rich has gone from declaring the Tea Party movement a fizzle to denouncing it as a menace to public safety.

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