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Starr Report II: Simian Fever

By on 2.26.10 | 10:40AM

The National Constitution Center here in Philadelphia is holding a strange and intriguing event tomorrow--"a futuristic moot court testing the constitutionality of rationing health care," featuring Ken Starr arguing against former Clinton DOJer Nina Pillard before a panel of judges and legal luminaries. The set-up is enough to earn the NCC all manner of kudos and accolades in my book for the inventiveness and sheer originality they're applying to thorny legal and constitutional issues/challenges:

When a massive, global outbreak of a deadly form of “Simian” flu hits the United States in the summer of 2020, a shortfall of vaccine puts the country in a panic and presses Congress into passing a law that gives priority to individuals at risk without making any reference to citizenship. The Arizona state legislature interprets this silence as a grant to impose its own citizenship-based priority scheme, restricting access to vaccines for non-citizens. A group—consisting of non-citizen pregnant women, parents with young children, and resident aliens—brings a class action lawsuit challenging the law.

Kind of shines a new light on that Russian ape that was just sent to rehab, no?

Also, while we're at it, the Ancient Rome & America exhibit is definitely worth your while as well.

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