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CPAC 2010 Gives Birth to a Powerful New Coalition

By on 2.22.10 | 6:28PM

The inaugural meeting of Conservatives and Libertarians United for Beer (CLUB) convened Saturday night at Murphy's Pub, as William Upton of The American Conservative reports:

Robert Stacy McCain was everywhere at CPAC and caught a photo of me at David Frum's happy hour Saturday night (I was there for the same reason Stacy was... free beer). All I can say is that Frum's party was populated by many Ron Paul supporters but we held back rubbing in Paul's straw poll victory out of respect for Frum giving out free beer. It felt good to be able to walk around a neocon party and be surrounded by libertarians not neocons. . . .

American Spectator readers will notice that Matt Vadum was present at the inception of CLUB, standing in front of Upton, who is wearing a fedora:

Speaking of conservatives and libertarians, there's been quite a bit of fallout over Ron Paul winning the CPAC straw poll, a surprise result that Jim Antle wrote about today. The straw poll inspired Mike Huckabee's denunciation of CPAC, which was rather convenient, if not downright opportunistic. I've suggested that a new CPAC award be named in honor of Huckabee.

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