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Romney: Pin the Blame on the Donkey

By on 2.18.10 | 2:10PM

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney came out swinging at the Democrats at his CPAC address on Thursday. Calling the Democrats the "party of No", he cited their "no balanced budget," "no entitlement reform," "no  military tribunals," and "no to malpractice reform" in an attempt to show that the Democrats are out of touch with the wishes of the American people. He landed the shot, "America is not better off than it was $1.8 trillion ago."

What was interesting and likely to raise an eyebrow in the left blogosphere was his defense of President Bush and the man he described as "I don't give a damn" Dick Cheney. Mentioning both names yielded especially enthusiastic applause. "I am convinced that history will judge President Bush far more kindly," Romney said. He cited his record in the War on Terror, post 9/11 economic recovery, and his confronting the teachers union as accomplishments.

Romney was introduced by Senator Scott Brown (R-MA).

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