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Obama Taking It on the Road

By on 2.16.10 | 12:21PM

This guy just can't leave bad enough alone.

Washington Times story here.

President Obama kicks off what might be called his "Save the Senate" tour this week, heading west to campaign for two embattled Democrats trailing badly against Republican challengers -- including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada.

 His wake is unmistakable: New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts. Now he wants to widen it into Nevada and Colorado. Is that wise for the Democrats?

Obama is no longer the Teflon-Don of 2008, but has become an un-made man, exposed for his unpopular agenda: government health care, massive spending, and a teetering economy. These policies have found as much favor with the Obama administration, and more specifically Obama, as they have dis-favor with Americans.

Yet, I suppose a man of such ideology cannot be bogged down by political pragmatism.

And as long as he keeps a blind ear and eye to the public's fatigue with his big spending plans, it's likely he'll rile the grass roots and the stir up the voting blocs -- of the Republicans.

So maybe this is a tour I can get behind.

Save the Senate, indeed. 

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