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By on 2.16.10 | 9:09AM

  • A woman in England is receiving the equivalent of $125,000 taxpayer money annually to live in a five-bedroom house in the same neighborhood as Paul McCartney. The woman, who does not work and is separated from her husband, says "I'm entitled to a five-bedroom house." She has six children, one of which is named "Jihad"(Daily Mail)
  • Olympic Committee bans "support our troops" slogan (Reuters)
  • Civil rights activists plan to file a lawsuit challenging that Prop 209 violates the Equal Protection Clause -- saying that the decision to not favor applicants based on race indicates that the University of California is in fact favoring candidates based on race (Los Angeles Times)
  • Mitt Romney threatened on flight to Vancouver. He probably deserves some good PR for flying coach (Globe and Mail)

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