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McDonnell was Great

By on 1.27.10 | 9:42PM

Okay, I never wrote this in advance, but I had thought it was a bad idea to have Gov. McDonnell give the SOTU response. Well, I was wrong. That was by far the most effective SOTU response I have EVER heard in 30 years of listening to these things. I am too tired right now to break down that analysis into more specifics, but I really thought that McDonnell did an incredibly hard job (ALL SOTU responses are incredibly difficult) in a very, very impressive manner. The substance was solid, and the delivery was quite good. He seemed approachable, likeable, serious, upbeat, affable, thoughtful.... and, on substance, very much in tune with the general leanings of the majority of the American public. I entered tonight a moderate fan of McDonnell's. Now count me a solid fan, and very interested in watching him serve in office.

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