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Finally…A New Beginning in Honduras

By on 1.27.10 | 2:46PM

When you're a small democracy in Central America, being international news for six long months is oftentimes not a good thing.

And it usually ends badly.

Not this time.

Story (here)

Honduras ended months of political turmoil as it swore in a new president Wednesday, turning the page on a thwarted quest by ousted leader Manuel Zelaya to be restored to power after a coup that drew international condemnation.

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez put in his place -- outside of the politics of a sovereign Honduras? -- Check!

Democracy restored as the people of Honduras reject socialism and tyranny?  -- Check!

Former president and would-be tyrant, Roberto Zelaya given a one-way ticket to the Dominican Republic to think about the death of his legacy? -- Check!

A good example of how the rule of law can withstand the temptation of Leftist, tyrannical politics in Latin America and elsewhere? -- Check!

Honduran Supreme Court declared the generals involved in the apprehension of Roberto Zelaya not guilty? -- Check!

Another example of President Obama being on the wrong side of history? -- Check!

As of today, the tally in this contest is:

Liberty: 1
Tyranny: 0

Hopefully the score holds.

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