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Stamp Anxiety

By on 1.22.10 | 3:15PM

You'd think the Freedom From Religion Foundation would have something more productive to do with its time than this. The group is blasting a new stamp by the U.S. Postal Service featuring a photo of Mother Teresa — because everyone knows an MT stamp would result in a state religion.

The Foundation objects to Mother Teresa's affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. Ironically, I can't find any objections from them to a stamp honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., for his work on racism. MLK was an ordained minister who frequently invoked the name of Jesus Christ.

The difference is that MLK advocated many leftist causes and Mother Teresa was a staunch pro-life advocate. Leftists often use religion as a tool to achieve their ends (our current president does it well), but speedily condemn anyone on the right who speaks into the political sphere from their religious convictions. And thus the hypocrisy continues.

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