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Whiplash at the Times

By on 11.15.05 | 2:06PM

Google News cached a New York Times article a couple hours ago with this headline: "Democratic Effort to Set Iraq Timetable Is Easily Defeated"

Click on the story now, and it's changed into "Senate Votes to Demand Regular Iraq Updates From White House."

That must have really spooked them at 229 W. 43rd -- for a minute there, it looked like they were going to have to report good news for Bush. The horror!

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No GOP Surrender?

By on 11.15.05 | 1:56PM

Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters sees the Warner amendment as pretty benign:

It isn't unreasonable to have Congress call for some accounting from the White House on the status of Iraq, given the 150,000 troops currently deployed on a police mission there. It doesn't have to be a net negative for Bush to come to the Senate to present his side of the story; as the events this past week have shown, the President can use that kind of platform to correct many distortions of his record and the state of the effort in Iraq. Given the frustration many in the GOP feel with the White House in communicating all the good that our intervention has created, it sounds like a very good idea indeed, one that might be cast as a long-overdue bullhorn.

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Republicans Fall For Failure

By on 11.15.05 | 1:26PM

As a reader points out, even though the Senate rejected the first, stronger resolution, it then endorsed a weaker one by 79-19. Ankle Biting Pundits has more.

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Cut-and-Runners Encouraged

By on 11.15.05 | 1:23PM

Or at least the John Kerry faction is. His latest email begins:

You can feel the ice breaking. For far too long, Republican leaders have refused to challenge the aimless Bush "stay as long as it takes" approach to Iraq. But now, their unwillingness to act has started to crumble.

Today in the Senate, facing a Democratic resolution on Iraq, the Republicans offered their own call for President Bush to come up with a plan. They didn't go nearly far enough, but clearly our call for a concrete plan is gaining momentum.

It's time for the next step. Help our "20,000 troops home over the holidays" campaign place billboards in the home districts of Republican leaders.

Nothing like the prospect of failure to energize Democrats.

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O’Reilly Factor Tonight

By on 11.15.05 | 12:38PM

I'll be on with Bill O'Reilly tonight, talking about the Senate antiwar mess today. How much damage to a war effort can 100 Senators do in one day? Unfortunately, a whole bunch.

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Frist Offensive

By on 11.15.05 | 10:04AM

And a good one at that ...

Trent Lott should have a lot to talk about with his friends in the MSM after today's Senate Republican Policy Lunch. According to sources close to Senate leadership, Senator Frist is expected to unleash a huge broadside against Democrats, and present a blue print for his colleagues to push back hard against the Dems pathetic, "I voted for war, but really wanted to vote against it with 20/20 hindsight" arguments. The following memo and a 10 page set of quotes from Democrats going back to 1998 reads like a "greatest hits" of Democrats presenting a very hawkish take on Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Good to see them pushing back hard. Read the whole document here.

TO: Senate Republicans

FR: Majority Leader Bill Frist

DT: November 15, 2005

RE: Iraq Rhetoric: Weapons of Mass Distortion

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The Commission that won’t go away

By on 11.15.05 | 8:45AM

Will someone please tell the 9-11 Commission members that we are all sick and tired of their desperate attempts to stay relevant? They have become a national embarrassment.

First, they whitewashed Jamie Gorelick's role as Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno in building and institutionalizing "the wall" between law enforcement and the intelligence community. Her blatant conflict of interest makes suspect all of the commission's findings and its entire work product. And anyone slightly to the political right of Ralph Neas or Barney Frank who watched the proceedings couldn't come away with any other conclusion than that the Democrat attack dogs, Gorelick, Roemer, and Ben Veniste, were only interested in assigning blame for 9-11 to George Bush while giving Bill Clinton a pass for his 8 years of inaction.

Now, reborn as the "9/11 Public Disclosure Project," they are sticking their uninformed noses into the Iraq War and the detention of terrorists.

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More from Senate Dempublicans

By on 11.15.05 | 8:00AM

Senate Republicans -- led by Bill Frist and John Warner -- are putting a package of antiwar legislation up for votes today that stops short of imposing a withdrawal schedule from Iraq, but will otherwise gladden the hearts of the Cindy Sheehans of the world.

The legislation scheduled for floor vote today imposes requirements on the administration to lay out its strategy to end the Iraq war, gives terrorist detainees the right to appeal military tribunal decisions to federal civilian courts and pressures the administration to impose the kind of "do this or else" requirements with the Iraqis that L. Paul Bremer brought into disrepute

The NYT report today shows how well the effort is orchestrated to dress this legislative cow pie up to look like a chocolate sundae.

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The Mass. Drug Service

By on 11.15.05 | 7:16AM

Get your hypodermic needles for drug use at your local pharmacy, right next to the aspirin. Or so the Massachusetts House hopes it will be.

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