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Edwards in Haiti?

By on 1.21.10 | 1:02PM

As noted below, John Edwards has finally admitted what we all knew -- he is in fact the father of Rielle Hunter's baby. A source tells Politico that Edwards is now in a Haiti, a country in roughly the same shape as Edwards's marriage. I don't know if there are any functioning bars in Haiti right now, but if so female bartenders should note that if Edwards creeps them out the National Enquirer will pay for the gossip. Dave Weigel suggests we look out for silky-haired Haitian children to be born in the fall.

Say this for Edwards: It takes a truly ridiculous person to provide comic relief in the wake of an earthquake that kills hundreds of thousands of people.

SEMI-CHARITABLE AFTERTHOUGHT: In all seriousness, helping on the ground in Haiti is commendable, and while I instinctively assume that Edwards is exploiting a tragedy in the service of his own PR rehabilitation, I can't see into his heart; for all I know he's genuinely seeking redemption through good works. It's just really, really hard to take him seriously right now.

CHARITABILTY RESCINDED: He's bringing a camera crew? Sure, we know he's into documentarians. But wow, he's not even trying to earn the benefit of the doubt, is he?

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