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‘The Republican Recriminations Will Be Ugly…’

By on 1.19.10 | 5:11PM

...for the Democrats.

A fascinating article that reminds us how gloomy things were for the Republicans on November 4, 2008.

I sincerely hope those days and lessons are behind us.

Time magazine, Election Day, 2008:

The pundits are already warning that Obama could overreach, that Democratic congressional leaders are still unpopular, that this is still a center-right country. But it wasn't tonight. Obama will have the luxury of taking office at a time when the GOP is the AIG of electoral politics, when his predecessor has set the lowest bar since James Buchanan, when a supposedly conservative Administration just started nationalizing the banking system, when the public is desperate for change. What is it about tonight's results that suggests Obama should be afraid of progressive action on the cusp of a depression?

Turns out, the "pundits" were right on the money about this one.

The entire article is worth a read.

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