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Pat Robertson and Haiti

By on 1.13.10 | 2:35PM

It has been reported on places like Drudge and elsewhere, that Pat Robertson said the Haitians "have been cursed" and "swore a pact with the devil."

As he states on the video link, Pat Robertson was attempting to draw attention to the moment when Haitians pushed the French colonists out, saying that they have been cursed with unimaginable problems ever since.

Regardless of his intent, his comment was incredibly insensitive and inappropriate. It deserves being condemned -- fully.

Pat Robertson has been a passionate and colorful commentator for Conservative issues, and I value him for much of that; but this time, he is way out of line and making statements that are way above his pay grade. When you're wrong, you're wrong. And on this one, he is definitely wrong.

All that needs to be said can be summarized thusly: Keep the Haitians and their welfare during this horrible devastation in your prayers. How can we help?

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