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Down, But Not Yet Out, Down Under

By on 1.12.10 | 1:40PM

In the event that you thought the Kelo opinion and all that it represented was ominous, look at the tragic proceedings Down Under for a glimpse of your future.

Once the Big Green State has you in its sights, it will not relent until you and indeed all those demanding exercise of their liberties are crushed under its heel.

Australia has served as an advance battleground for imposition of the cap-and-trade power grab, where Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's government now hinges on a possible second vote on the scheme, held up after a party looking to find bipartisanship experienced revolt and stiffened its spine.

Pay attention, encourage your allies there, and for Heaven's sake pray for Mr. Peter Spencer.

Thanks to Joanne Nova for keeping us posted.

UPDATE: Don't believe me? Read this. It's a good thing this was probably a whistleblower as he is going to need protection...from the Global Warming Correctness Police. 

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