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Try Honesty, Mr. Steele

By on 1.8.10 | 3:49PM

Reid Wilson at the Hotline has been doing a great job in recent weeks covering conservative and Republican items of interest. Today, he notes that Michael Steele  now seems to have been caught in a lie, in addition to all the other examples of him eating his own feet. He claimed his wrote his current book before he was chairman, but Wilson shows why this can't be so. And lest anyone think this isn't important, I note that lies/mistakes abot timelines were absolutely key to absolving the great Clarence Thomas of the accusations against him, as only the close attention of lawyer Janet Napolitano kept one Judge Susan Hoerchner from outright perjury during the Thomas hearings -- specifically because Hoerchner claimed Anita Hill complained to her about Thomas' supposed harassment BEFORE Hill even worked for Thomas.

With the stakes much lower, this is the same kind of thing that Steele has done. What's the point? Why so defensive? Why not stop inventing excuses, and just tell it straight?

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