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Hillyer Puts Hawk in Hall

By on 1.6.10 | 5:14PM

Gee, I didn't know I had so much power! Here I write a column arguing that Andre Dawson should be in the Hall of Fame, and lo and behold, he finally gets in! I mean, it had to be my doing, right?

Seriously, congrats to the Hawk. I was disappointed to see that Bert (Be Home) Blyleven just barely missed (I exchanged emails several months ago, I think it was with the great Wlady, about my belief that Blyleven also was deserving), but am now more confident that Blyleven too will eventually get in, as he should. Also, I had never seriously considered Roberto Alomar, who probably (and deservedly) suffers because of his nasty spitting incident. What a jerk. But I did, for the first time, check his stats just now, and was amazed to see they compare VERY favorably to those of the great Joe Morgan, one of my favorite players ever. In many ways, his career is as close to identical with Morgan's as two careers will ever be -- except that Morgan was a respected leader on every one of his teams, while Alomar was a spitmeister. Anyway, Alomar seems well poised to make it in future years as well. Finally, for what it's worth, I think reliever Lee Smith belongs in the Hall as well.

Anyway, since I have now proved my powers of persuasion, I will start chilling the bubbly to celebrate former Saint linebacker Rickey Jackson's impending induction into Canton as well!


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