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‘Proto-Fascist Love of Violence’

By on 1.5.10 | 9:13PM

Yes, that's me -- goose-stepping to fame and fortune, according to Andrew Sullivan:

Charles Johnson explains his concerns here. He's particularly right about the kind of proto-fascist love of violence against "the other" that you see pulsating in the writing of, say, Michael Goldfarb or Robert Stacy McCain.

This is a dishonest characterization of Johnson's own dishonest explanation of why he "parted ways with the Right," in a Blogging Heads video dialogue with Conn Carroll of the Heritage Foundation.

The first noticeable signal of Johnson's leftward shift came in October 2007, when he began to attack anti-jihad activists Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer of JihadWatch. Johnson called Geller a "poster girl for Eurofascists," and then mounted a series of guilt-by-association attacks that expanded to include everyone from Oriana Fallaci to Ann Coulter.

In his Blogging Heads discussion, however, Johnson points the finger of blame at the American Spectator's Ben Stein as a leader of the "creationist wing of the Republican Party."

As for my alleged "love of violence," perhaps Sullivan is referring to the brutal beating that the Crimson Tide will inflict Thursday on the Texas Longhorns -- an event I've flown to California to chronicle in "pulsating" writing. Meanwhile my blog buddy Smitty analyzes Sullivan's attack.

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