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Tiger Update

By on 1.1.10 | 4:06PM

I hear a fairly reliable rumor about where Tiger Woods has been recuperating, but not to the level of confirmation that it meets journalistic standards to publish it. Oh, what a dilemma, because I would LOVE to get credit for the scoop. It's a really interesting story....

Oh, well.

Anyway, other than one quick post when the story first broke, I have tried to avoid the story of Tiger and his mistresses, and I believe that Jack Nicklaus had the best response of all: "None of my business."

But when I heard the above-mentioned reliable rumor, something started my brain working against its will, and somehow I started channeling William Blake's ghost. Or maybe it was a bad impostor. Anyway, here is what resulted:

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright
in the bedrooms of the night:
What immoral face or bust
could shame thee, make thine image dust?


Okay, that was bad. Happy New Year everybody.

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