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By on 12.29.09 | 9:28AM

  • Liberals, apparently, are having a hard time incorporating libertarian Whole Foods CEO John Mackey into their worldviews (New Yorker), while Reason's Matt Welch is not.
  • Correlation between playgrounds and economic class in NYC, or Sesame Street unpaved (Sociological Images)
  • The Night Before Christmas, in legal language (TaxProf Blog)
  • More doom and gloom from Niall Ferguson re: America vs. the East (Financial Times)
  • Why do we say "men and women" but "ladies and gentlemen?" Read this very long, very dry post to find out (Language Log)
  • One thing journalists are actually good at: writing condescendingly about poor people (Aid Watch)
  • Hero of the day: This Chinese man, who calmly picked up his bike and threw it at thieves escaping on a scooter:

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