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TSA: Inconvenience in Place of Vigilance

By on 12.26.09 | 5:26PM

Another botched terrorist attack on a plane, another silly TSA rule.  Apparently airline passengers are being told to stay in their seats for the final hour of flights and not to have anything in their laps. 

Reports Associated Press:

Passengers getting off flights from overseas reported being told that they couldn't get out of their seat for the last hour of their flight. Air Canada also said that during the last hour passengers won't be allowed access to carry-on baggage or to have any items on their laps.

Uh, are we to believe that terrorists will cease and desist if they don't think they can down a plane in its final hour of flight?  Al-Qaeda only counts a terrorist attack as successful if it occurs near the plane's final destination?  Bring the plane down at 75 minutes out and you don't get your 72 virgins?

Some inconvenience is inevitable in trying to protect flights from terrorists.  But inconvenience should not become a substitute for vigilance.  Yet again, the TSA seems to think it is more important to appear to be doing something than to be doing something useful.

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