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Parker Griffith Becomes the First Democrat to Switch Parties Ahead of 2010 Elections

By on 12.22.09 | 11:44AM

The Politico is reporting that Rep. Parker Griffith (D-Ala.) will become a Republican today. The freshman represents a conservative district seen as a prime pickup opportunity for the GOP in 2010, shades of 1994-95. This illustrates the awkward position red- and purple-district Democrats find themselves in after a year of tough votes forced by the Obama administration and the congressional Democratic leadership. Barack Obama wasn't popular in some of these districts when he was winning in 2008; he hasn't gotten more popular in them now.

Like a lot of Blue Dogs, Griffith has a voting record that pleases nobody. This move doesn't ensure his reelection. He is still likely to face a Republican primary challenge to his right.

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