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Narnia and the Spirit of Christmas

By on 12.8.05 | 9:40AM

We dragged the kids on a shopping trip before Thanksgiving -- Mommy needed something to wear to a Christmas party. For once, my 3 little ones behaved themselves (no small feat) while Mommy tried on various outfits. The boy (age 7) struck up a conversation with the young salesgirl, informing her that he had just finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Her response? She immediately offered 4 tickets to the premier of the movie -- tonight. Turns out her church had bought 700+ tickets. She was heading back to college and couldn't make the show, so she offered them to our family free of charge.

Who knew Santa's helpers worked retail? Score one for the spirit of Christmas and good will toward men.

Our new friend will soon receive a treat-filled care package to help her get through her end-of-semester exams.

I'll give my review of the movie tomorrow.

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